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Creating Postgraduate Collaborations Workshop held at Kisumu Hotel-Kenya

The doctoral write-shop, an integral component of the broader CPC project is aimed at enriching research environments through scholarly engagements. It serves as a dynamic platform for fostering advanced academic writing skills among doctoral candidates. By creating a collaborative space for participants to refine their writing techniques, engage in peer reviews, and receive constructive feedback from experienced mentors, the workshop not only hones individual writing capabilities but also cultivates a supportive scholarly community. This initiative is emblematic of our commitment to nurturing a vibrant research culture where effective dissemination is not just a skill but a cornerstone for creating meaningful contributions to academia and practice.

Participants at the Workshop

Professor Sioux McKena leading a session during a two-day workshop on Advancing Doctoral Writing and Publishing from the Doctorate at Kisumu Hotel on November 16th and 17th, 2023. This is a component of the Creating Postgraduate Collaborations Project by Maseno University in partnership with Rhodes University.

Professor Sioux McKena from Rhodes University
Dr. Mazvita Thondhlana taking participants through ‘crafting an article’