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Conference Proceedings

Conference 2019

Maseno University Conference on Research Capacity Building

Theme: Promoting Research Excellence for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development"

Maseno University’s Division of Partnership, Research and Innovation (PRI) organized a research capacity building conference which to place on 6th to 7th June, 2019 at Kisumu Hotel.

The theme of the conference was “Promoting Research Excellence for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development”.

The conference focused on the following sub-themes:

1. Promoting research culture; Research funding

2. Human resource development and public engagement

3. Research management

4. Legislation impact from Lake Victoria basin

Seasoned researchers from the universities and research institutes presented their papers on a variety of topics which hinged on research and its impact on society currently and into the future.

The topics covered in a nutshell included:

The rigor and precision of research

  • Ethics in research especially where humans are involved Integrity in research especially with the allocated funds
  • Transparency and accountability as espoused in chapter six of our national constitution.
  • Funding opportunities and how to source for these funds.
  • Writing research papers and how to get them published in reputable and recognized journals which have a conspicuous impact factor.
  • Case studies which were in tandem and fell in line with the theme of the workshop.

Research is nowadays not done in isolation. Multiple collaborations across the board ( Multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional ) is now what is recommended. Much as academic merit is also acknowledged because Masters and PHD degrees are obtained in the process, the hallmark of research is to add value to humanity and its livelihood.