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The 23rd Graduation Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees and Award of Diplomas and Certificates of Maseno University


Maseno University marks the culmination of academic pursuits with its graduation ceremony. It stands as a beacon of academic excellence, recognized as "The University of Excellence in discovery and dissemination of knowledge."

On it's 23rd graduation ceremony, it commemorates the achievements of its students who have undergone rigorous academic training, empowering them to become agents of positive change. As graduates step into the world, they carry forward the university's ethos of contributing to humanity's advancement through the application and dissemination of knowledge.

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Dr. Beatrice Muganda Inyangala,  Principal Secretary, State Department for Higher Education and Research graced the occasion at Maseno University on it's 23rd graduation ceremony.

She said that in the State Department of Higher Education and Research, the graduation was an important milestone as a mark of process in provision of strategic, quality education for national development, and the State Department is committed to do all that is possible to support Management achieve its mandate.

Urged graduands to go out into the world and make their contribution in making Kenya and the world better.

Dr. Beatrice Muganda Inyangal,PhD. Pricipal Secretary, State Department for Higher Education and Research

Message from the Chairman - Maseno University Council

“The Management, Senate, Faculty and students of Maseno University, I am delighted to enjoin myself in the celebration of this rite of passage for the graduands of 2023. Among you are colleagues and friends with whom I worked for long time and nostalgically such an auspicious occasion is bound to rekindle heartfelt attachment and pride. I heartily congratulate the graduands and thank all that contributed in the attainment of such a memorable ceremony”.

Prof. Ongati extended his gratitude to the entire Council of Maseno University and thanked the University Management for working hard to ensure the 23rd Graduation ceremony a success.

On behave of the council he expressed gratitude to the Government of Kenya for financial support to the University’s budget every year. He further mentioned that the Ministry of Education and State Department of Higher Education and Research have been dependable pillars to the University in  regard to Managerial compliance and adherence to Government policy frameworks.

He Urged each and every alumnus of this prestigious institution to take upon himself or her to hoist the name of Maseno University by exerting themselves to their limit in showcasing the effect of their education

prof. ongati
Prof. Naftali. Omolo-Ongati. BEd. (UoN), PGDE (Leeds), MSc. (OST), Ph.D (Pretoria) Chairman - Maseno University Council
Prof. Mary Kipsat, BSc(UON), MSc.(UoN), Ph.D (Moi), Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic and Student Affairs giving her remarks during the 23rd graduation Ceremony.
Prof. Nyabundi
Prof. Julius O. Nyabundi, OGW. The Vice-Chancellor of Maseno University extends heartfelt congratulations to the graduating class of 2023, marking this momentous occasion with pride and admiration. Recognizing their dedication & hard work.
The Award of Doctor of Philosophy degrees class of 2023 marks the pinnacle of academic achievement and scholarly pursuit. These esteemed individuals have devoted years to rigorous research, and the advancement of knowledge within their respective fields.
At the Maseno University graduation ceremony, the presence of the esteemed deans from various schools adds a significant touch of academic leadership and accomplishment. These deans represent the pinnacle of their respective disciplines and faculties.
The Maseno University graduands, class of 2023 represent a cohort of diverse talents, academic prowess, and a commitment to making meaningful contributions to society. Comprising individuals from various disciplines and backgrounds.
The Maseno University Choir, renowned for their exceptional musical talent and harmony, graced the graduation ceremony with a mesmerizing performance. Their rendition was a fusion of cultural richness and contemporary vibrancy, captivating the audience.