group photo deans and principals forum 1Third Deans and Principals Forum Held

The deans of the Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Public Health & Community Development, accompanied by the Associate Dean, School of Medicine attended the Third Deans and Principals Forum. This annual event is organised by Human Resources for Health (HRH) Kenya Mechanism in collaborationwith USAID and PEPFAR. The forum theme was “Consolidated the gains of medical education and aligning them to Universal Health Coverage (UHC), HIV and RMNCAH Health Services" The forum took place between the 10th and 12th September 2019 at the Kenyatta University Conference Centre, Nairobi.
Other institutions attending in addition to Maseno University were Kenyatta University, Moi University Kenya Methodist University, Maside Muliro University of Science and Technology, Pwani University, University of Nairobi, Mt Kenya University, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology, Kabarak University, AMREF International University, Strathmore Business School, Technical University of Mombasa. In attendance were a number of Vice Chancellors and Deputy Vice Chancellors. Also in attendance were representatives of various teaching hospitals and seven, (7) Medical training Colleges.
The objectives were primarily to determine responsiveness to UHC of the various counties well as determination of the status of the HRH engagement in the various institutions and the way forward towards self-reliance.
The opening session was graced by the VC of KU Prof. Paul K. Wainaina, (represented by his DVC academic, Prof. John Okumu). The acting CEO of the upcoming Kenya Health Professionals Oversight Authority and a representative of the Kenya Human Resource Advisory Council were in attendance.
Dr. Omoto, Assocaite Dean, made a presentation of the Maseno University mentorship programme with St Joseph's Nyabondo that was operationalised under the HRH programme

Group photo (courtesy HRH) shows participants.

Maseno Medical School staff to Head Divisions at JOOTRH

inauguration jootrhThe Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital on the 4th of August, 2019, inaugrurated its "Divisional Clinical governance and Management Structure"
Created were seven Divisions, namely the division of Nursing, Surgery, Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Imaging and radiology and pharmacy. The aim of creation of the divisions was to enhance governance structures and also increase staff participation in hospital activities. During the inauguration Maseno University, as a key partner in the running of the institution, was reminded of its role in generating research within the hospital.
Divisional heads were appointed jointly by the CEO of JOOTRH and Dean school of Medicine (on behalf of the Vice Chancellor). Faculty from Maseno University were appointed to head the divisions of Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Radiology. Appointed were Dr. Jack Nyabundi, Dr. Jackton Omoto, Dr, Walter Otieno and Dr. Washington Otieno respectively.
Photograph shows the hospital CEO, Dr. Peter Okoth addressing staff. Dean School Medicine, Prof Ogendo to his right.

Final year students publish academic paper

Five of our final year medical students, Okoth Kevin Tony, Subo Hassan Marsa, Wakhu Lesley Mukoya, Wanjira Wachira Julian and Njoroge Fauna Mumbi, recently had an article by them published entitled “Patterns of upper and lower limb fractures and the outcomes after management among the pediatric population at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital”.
This paper, published in the recent East African Medical Journal, Vol. 95 No. 6 June 2018, notes that in the region paediatric fractures are now more common amongst females and that road traffic accidents and falls are the more common causes. Also noted was that the changing trend in fracture presentations also affected fracture sites and mechanism of injury as compared to the past.
This may be an important message not only for institutions caring for this age group, but also an alert to parents who through their changed driving habits may be contributing. This is as we parents are now more frequently allowing unrestrained shall children in front seats while driving, thus exposing children to more injuries.
The school applauds them for this achievement and encourages other students to emulate them

reporting of techniciansNew Technical Staf in School of Medicine

Following from the 83rd Senate resolution to move the training of BSc, Medical labratory Science, from the Schoolof Public Health and Community Development to the School of Medicne; the process has been underway.
Following the resolution a number of actons have been implemented. Transfere of students has taken place as well as the formation of a Departmentof Medical Laboratory Science within the school.
On July 4th, transfered technical staff reported ready to support the programme.
Transfered staff are Jackline Omundi, Regina Ikundu, Joan Wabwile and Jacob Mwebi, seen here being welcomed by the dean

Maseno University exchange students to Sunny Universty return

with andrea shawAt the end of June 2019, two final year medical students of Maseno University, Jemima Nyaboke and David Okuom returned from an exchange programme between Maseno University and Sunny Upstate Universty. Student exchanges is one of the activities within an ongoing MOU between the two Universities.
Below is the testimonial from the students on their return.
Going for the clinical observership at Upstate Medical University in the Department of Paediatrics has been one of the most paramount highlights of our time in medical school. It was an eye-opener in terms of medical ethics and how to treat patients in all the spheres of human health that is the mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual. The experience helped build our clinical knowledge and set of skills in paediatrics especially the fact that they had different disease patterns and the various subspecialties in the department like cardiology, gastroenterology, pediatric anaesthesia and the outpatient clinic compared to our home hospital of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital where it is more of tropical diseases.
The program helped build our personal and professional networking levels since we were privileged to interact with residents of different years who were willing to let us see patients with them with the very present help of Prof. Andrea Shaw. The consultants were very ready to teach and help answer the questions and provided relevant and up to date reference materials and books. Finally, the experience boosted our confidence level in communication, seeking out opportunities and building relevant networking opportunities in the medical world. This was also an excellent opportunity to travel and meet people from different backgrounds and walks of life which was contributive to our education.
We sincerely thank Prof. Stephen Ogendo, (Dean MUSOM), Dr. Walter Otieno (HoD Department of Paediatrics MUSOM) and Prof Andrea Shaw and Ms. Christina Lupone of Upstate Medical University for this lifetime opportunity and ensuring it ran seamlessly. We hope this will be an opportunity that will be available annually for the final year medical students of Maseno University.

School Holds Microbiology Workshop

mst workshopBetween the 11th to 14th June, 2019, Maseno University held a workshop entitled “OneHealthWater MST workshop”. (MST standing for Microbial Source Tracking). This was hosted by the School of Medicine within the new microbiology laboratories. The workshop was run by Dr. Diogo Trajano Gomes da Silva from the University of Brighton.
Dr. Scolastica Korir, the chairperson of the Department of Microbiology, organised and represented the School of medicine at the event.
Attendees were technicians from the Medical Realted Schools, and the objective of the workshop was to provide participants with the skills required to undertake water quality monitoring, especially those intended for drinking. Participants were taken through the technique of microbial source tracking.
Microbial source tracking has been identified as a method of identifying sources of faecal contamination of water sources. Water source contamination by domestic animals is a major public health concern in this part of the world.
Co-sponsors of the workshop included Medical Research Council, MRC and Kenya Medical Research Institute, KEMRI
Ater the workshop participants and Dr Diogo took a tour of the main Siriba campus, see photograph.

oathingHippocratic Oath administered on newly qualified doctors

On the 12th June 2019, the second group of medical students admitted into Maseno University presented themselves for administration of the Hippocratic Oath. This is a requirement for all medical practitioners before they can proceed to their work stations.

Admitted in the 2012/2013 academic year they have completed the mandatory six years of training.

The event was presided over by the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council, represented by Prof. Lukoye Atwoli. Also in attendance were the Vice Chancellor and the Deputy Vice Chancellors for Academic and Student Affairs and PRI

During the occasion that took place at the University Boardroom, the students were inducted into the medical profession, ethics and public expectations. Also they were advised of recent ammendments to the Medical Act, Cap 253 Laws of Kenya.

Medical students mark Menstrual Health Day

menstrual hygene dayOn 28th May 2019, Maseno Univesity medical students prticipated in the World Menstrual Health Day. This is annual event that is held on the 28th day of May each year. The date symbolises the 28 days in the menstrual cycle.
Thirty five Maseno University medical students took part inthe event and visited Ebulako Primary School in the environs surrounding the medical school campus.
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dean handing overNew acting Dean for School foMedicine

The Vice Chancellor has appointed Prof. Stephen Ogendo to be the new acting Dean of the School of Medicine. The appointment was made on January 16th 2019. Prof. Ogendo till his appointment was the Chairman of the Department of Surgery and Anaesthesiology.
Prof. Ogendo takes over from the outgoing, Prof. Wilson Odero, who has completed his term after an eight year stint at the helm of the school.
He served as the second dean for the medical school and during his tenure the school achieved many firsts. The first cohort of students were admitted and also he oversay teh graduation of the same cohort of studens.
He now joins the Department of Familly and Community Medicine.
Photograph shows handing over of the office by Prof. Odero, (right).

mis trainingStudent MIS training

The School of Medicine, between the 15th and 16th of January 2019, recieved trainig on the use of the Maseno University student MIS system. The training was held at the Siriba campus within the computer laboratories.
This MIS system forms a core componenent od student management. It records all student data during their stay within the university, however the training mainly focused on the examination and administrative components of the system.
The training was mainly focused on departmental heads and examination cordinators.
This training will be useful to them in enabling them not only to enter examination marks but also for other studnet related functions affecting their respective departments.
The course was well attended by all invited staff as well as the dean.
The session was also held as a joint session between the Schoolof Medicine and the School of Nursing.

welcome freshers 2019New students welcomed to Medical School

On Wednesday the 9th January 2019, the dean of the school of medicine welcomed the 9th cohort of medical students into Maseno University. This group of students were being admitted for the 2018/19 academic year.
The event, part of the traditional university orientation week, was held at the school of medicine and attended by various academic and support faculty from the school.
Following self-introduction of students, they were introduced to faculty from the various departments of the school.
There followed a brief history of the medical school. Thereafter they were given a description of the functioning of the school within the university framework as well as expectations that the students will have placed on them during their stay.
Students were encouraged to concentrate on their studies and given some advice on how to achieve this.
Also present were fresher’s in the school of nursing and their respective dean and faculty.

Double academic achievement for medical student graduate

amattaAt the just concluded 18th graduation ceremony for the pioneer cohort of Maseno University medical students, one student had reason to double smile. Pamela Amatta Odhiambo was not only graduating that day but she also had a publication out entitled “Wound Dressing Techniques and Costs at a County Hospital”. This was included in the January 2019 publications of the Annals of Surgery, published by the Surgical Society of Kenya.
The school congratulates her on this publication and see it as a reflection of her developing potential

School of Medicine graduates first cohort of Doctors

prof oderoDuring the 18th graduation ceremony of Maseno University, held on Friday the 21st November 2018, Maseno University graduated its first cohort of undergraduate medical students. Having completed their studies in early 2018, they came from their various internship stations to take part in the event. In addition to the medical students the School of Medicine also presented its first group of two, Master of Science in Medical Physiology students.
During his speech the Vice Chancellor indicated that Maseno University is proud of our new doctors, having received favourable reports as to their performance in their various internship stations. He thanked all staff involved in their training, not only for choosing to work at Maseno University in favour of other centres, but also for dedication in producing graduates of fine quality.
The Vice Chancellor also indicated there are advanced plans to commence a Bachelor of Pharmacy training programme. It is anticipated that by next year the School of Pharmacy will be open for admissions. This will bring the schools offering Health Sciences within the institution to four, (4), namely the schools of medicine, nursing, public health & community development and pharmacy. A worthy step towards addressing the government initiative of universal health coverage.
The 2018 graduates, 47 MB, ChB and 2 Master of Medical Physiology students, were presented to the congregation by the Dean of the School, Professor Wilson Odero, (photo left). They were thereafter conferred with their respective degrees by the Chancellor, Mr. Micheal Joseph.
Next year the University will graduate its first cohort of Bachelor of Nursing students as well and Maser of Medicine in Family Medicine students.

Keys for new microbiology and pathology laboratory handed to school of medicine

microbiology keysKeys for the new, modern pathology and microbiology laboratories, located adjacent to the administrative offices of the school of medicine, Maseno University, were formally handed to the school on December 4th 2018.

The laboratory complex will provide much needed teaching space for medical and nursing students into the schools of Medicine, Nursing and Public health. It is envisioned that follwoing the examination season the loboratories shall be fully functional.

Photograph shows keys being handed over by the estates manager, Mr. Ogeda in centre, to the acting dean of the school, Prof. Ogendo, left.

Kenya Association of Urological Surgeons officials visits School of Medicine

kausOn the 22nd November 2018 a team from Kenya Association of Urological Surgeons paid a courtesy call on the School of Medicine.

The team was lead by the association chairman, Dr. Mburugu. The association, having identified the Lake Region as an area for their 2019 community service programme, (medical camps), and their annual surgical conference was on a tour in preparation for the activities. They expressed interest in partnering with the school as well as providing some form of support to students who may wish to participate in any of their activities. The Association also expressed an interest in using Kisumu Hotel as their operational base as they will be accompanied by a large team of over 60 personnel.

The acting dean, Prof Ogendo, welcomed the collaboration request. He also indicated the school would assist as much as it can in the exercise as it benefited Maseno University students, both undergraduate and postgraduate.

Meddical School participates in medical camp

medical camp

Maseno University in partnership with Ethlyns Hope, a US based organisation conducted a medical camp at Marera in Kisumu West sub-county. The camp started on 17th and ended on 20th September 2018.

The camp was intended mainy for the treatment of minor ailments.

This Medical camp is part of a number of activities which will culminate in the launching an orphanage at Marera. The orphanage will be operated by a local women group called Hope women group.

The medical school, Maseno University participated in the camp is part of Maseno University corporate social responsibility and involved bot staff and medical students.

Participating students and staff were from the schools of Medicine and Nursing as well as Maseno university Health Services department working with the local women group and a team from Ethlyn hope in the United States.The Maseno team was led by Dr. Jackton Omoto.

School of medicine holds iHRIS training

On the week ending August 3rd, 2018, the school completed training on the use of the Integrated Health Resourse Information System, iHRIS. Training sessions run over a three day period.

The training, moderated by a representative of HRH Kenya, was aimed at bringing faculty up to date on the software and also to chart out a plan for roling out its use in Maseno University Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Public Health.

The iHRIS is a human resources management tool designed to comprehensively manage instiutional human resources. iHRIS that will be adopted is linked to the Ministry of health and will greatly improve health workforce mangement. The various school teams consisted of a wide range of cadre and was lead by the Dean School of medicine, Prof. W. Odero. In attendance were also his counterparts in Nursing and Public health present.

Commission for University Education audits Maseno University

The Commission for University Education, CUE, audit of Maseno University kicked off today Monday 30th July, 2018. The audit is a regulatory requirement under the Unviersites act, carried out regularly on all universities within Kenya to ascetain they maintain standards in their operations.

The last CUE audit of Maseno University was in 2013. In preparation, the University had earlier submitted a self assessment report of what the institution felt was its current situation, and this report formed the basis for ths audit.

The process shall take a week and CUE will carry out a thorough inspection of all facilities, staff, stakholders and students of the Univesity. At the end of the week, an exit report shall be issued to the University containing relevant findings Photograph shows Dr. B. Nyambega, of the department of Biochemisty, making a presentation of the University situation on researcha and outreach.

School of Medicine stand at ASK Kisumu show

The School of Medicine this year run a stand at the just concluded Agricultural Society of Kenya, (ASK),Show held between the 24th and 28th July 2018.

First held in 1986 at the Kisumu Municiple Stadium, this show was later moved to its current Mamboleo location in 1987. The theme chosen by the school for its stand was "Cancer screening, early detection and treatment, highlighting the seriousness of the cancer burden in the country and the need to avoid its associated morbidity.

Through various exhibits and talks, the public was sensitised on cancer related issues and their relevance to the general population. The team was led by the Dean, Prof. W. Odero.

Meeting with IntraHealth Human Resources for Health (HRH) Kenya Mechanism.

Maseno University and HRH Kenya teams held a review meeting on July 13, 2018 in Varsity Plaza, Kisumu Campus to develop mechanisms for incorporating Intergrated Human Resourse Information System, (iHRIS) in HRH-related academic programmes, and for the management staff and students at the University’s schools of health sciences comprising of the School of Medicine, School of Public Health and School of Nursing.

The University team consisting of faculty representing the 3 schools, was led by Prof. Wilson Odero, Dean School of Medicine while IntraHealth was represented by Mr Peter Milo, Team Lead, Health Workforce Training; Robert Nguni, Team Lead HRIS and Ann Malubi, HRH Coordinator, Lake Basin Cluster. The meeting resolved to undertake a number of activities ......... Read more......

Dr. Stephen Gwer appointed chairman of Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Passport photoThe Vice Chancellor, Prof. J. Nyabundi, has appointed Dr. Stephen O. Gwer to to be the new chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
Dr. Gwer, a graduate of the University of Nairobi, graduated with an MBChB degree in 2001 and MMed in 2009.
His main areas of interest are family planning and fertility.
He takes over from Dr. Jacton Omoto who continues as the Associate Dean, School of Medicine.

School of Medicine starts mentorship programme

The School of Medicine this week formally commenced its schoolwide mentorship programme.
This has taken some time to organise and it is hoped this will give all our students and oportunity to have a senior to turn to when they face challenges in their learnig. Faculty alike will have the opportunity to be role models to the next generation of medical workers.
Its a well known fact that students who meet regularly with their mentors are 52% less likely than their peers to skip a day of school and 37% less likely to skip a class. (Public/Private Ventures Study of Big Brothers Big Sisters)
All faculty will take part in the process and clear quidlines have been formulated following ratified by the school board for the process.
the programme will be evaluated at a later stage to ascetain its impact on school output.

Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Public Health aligh strategic plans

sp alignmentThe Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Public Health & Community Development convened on the 4th July at the Kisumu Hotel for a one day workshop. The workshop was convened by Prof. W. odero, Dean School of Medicine.
The meeting objective was the alignment of the Maseno University Strategic plan, 2017 to 2022, with those of the three respective schools.
The meeting was facilitated by a team from IntRaHealth International-HRH, Kenya Project, and the meeting was very fruitful. It was observed that the strategic plan for the SOM was already well aligned with that of the University. All the Schools managed at the end of the day to achieve good aligment of their strategic objectives with those of the University.
Further meetings are scheduled withthe aim of;

  • Formulating annual work plans.
  • Assisting the schools with resourse mobilisation for their respective programmes.

Facilitators advised the schools to look at Agenda 3 of the big 4 agenda as well as private public partnerships in respect to resource mobilisation.

School team inspects Vihiga County Referral Hospital.

meeting with vihiga hospitalOn the 3rd of July, 2018, Prof. Wilson Odero, Dean School of Medicine, lead a team of faculty members on an inspection of Vihiga Country Referal Hospital.
This inpection followed a prior visit to the facility by the Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board. At the time the board had visited the isntitution to assretain its suitability for training of family medicine postgraduate studetns. As a result of the visit the board made certain recommendations for implementation prior to commencement of training.
Using the report of the board, the team, accompanied by county health members and the medical superintendent of the hospital, went around the institution to assertained the required corretive actions had been implemented.
In addition the two teams also held discussions on other areas of collaboration between the school and the hospital.



som visit to vihiga

Group photograph witht the Governer of Vihiga County, H.E. Dr Wilber K. Ottichilo, (fifth from left, front row).

On July 3rd, 2018, a team from the School of Medicine lead by the dean, Prof. Wilson Odero, paid a curtesy call on the Governor of Vihiga County. H.H. W. K. Ottichilo.
The aim of the visit was to affirm commitment to an ongoing memoranda of understanding signed between the two institutions in 2015 and to assure the county of a continued long term commitment to this relationship. In this regard Maseno wished to look at, and further develop, four areas of collaboration between the school and the County.

In the company of the dean was Dr. J. Omoto the associate dean. Also in attendance were Prof. James Jowi, Rof. Stephen Ogendo and Dr. Washington Otieno from the departments of internal medicine, surgery and radiology respectively.

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dr. okoth jootrh

Dr. Okoth.

The school wishes to congratulate Dr. Peter Okoth on his appointment as the new CEO of JOOTRH. the appointment takes place from the 1st of July, 2018. Dr. Okoth replaces the previous CEO, Dr. Juliana Otieno.
The school, through an MOU, works with JOOTRH in the training of our medical students and nursing students.
This relationship has been caudial since 2015 when our first batch of students were exposed to clinical teaching. The school wishes to asure Dr. Okoth that this coporation extended to his preidesesor will be accorded to him, strengthening the coporation between our two institutions.

senate approves pharmacy

Senate session that approved B.Pham programme

Senate approves the Bachelor of Pharmacy programme

On 27th June, 2018, the 78th regular sitting of the Maseno University Senate discussed and approved the new Bachlor of Pharmacy, (BPham), with IT programme.

The programme, from the Department of Pharmacology of the School of Medicine was presented by the chairperson, Dr. Mary Onyango.

The programme is a five year programme aimed at conributing towards the aleviation of the shortage of pharmacists in the country.

It is hoped that this programme will facilitate the developemnt of the Department of Pharmacology into a School of Pharmacy in the not too distant future.

Introduction of this pogramme was one of the flagship projects in the current development plan, 2018 to 2023.Senate approves the Bachelor of Pharmacy programme

Faculty development

Dr Kennedy Omondi Ouma, chairman, Department of Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Community Health was selected to participate in the Partnership in Health Hesearch and Training in Kenya, (P-HERT) fellowship.
P-HERT is a grant awarded to the University of Nairobi by the United States National Institutes for Health.
Maseno and Kenyatta Universities are also participating in the Programme.
The aim of the grant is to support junior faculty gain in-depth research skills and expertise in the fields of HIV/AIDS, Mental Health and Maternal Newborn & Child Health.

training centre

JOOTRH allows school to use their training centre

Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referal Hospial has granted Maseno University Medical School permission to use their Training Centre for teaching purposes.

Sutuated along the Kisumu Kakamega Road this centre provides much needed additional learning space for the school.


Dr. Ojoo addressing participants

HIV symposium held

On the 19th June 2018 the school held a one day HIV symposium at the Conference Hall of the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital. This is he second such event, following a simillar one last year. This previous event was appraised very favourably by the attendees. This years event was attended by 38 students from Year 6, registrars in family medicine and doctors working at JOOTRH. Presentations were delivered by a multidisciplinary team including a clinical pharmacist, medical officer in JOOTRH Patient Service Clinic, obstetrician and gynaecologist, paediatrician, internal physicians and finally Dr. J. Ojoo of the Departemnt of Internal Medicine, the main event organiser.
The symposium comprehensively covered to topic of HIV and involved cross disciplinary faculty.

Objectives: The aim of the symposium was to impart an understanding of:
•The therapeutics of HIV.
•Kenyan guidelines on the management of the stable and unstable patient with HI.V
•Issues that are related to female reproductive health and HIV.
•HIV and pregnancy- management of both mother and child to prevent mother to child transmission.
•The management of HIV in children.
•The management of complications of HIV infection, including opportunistic infections and non communicable diseases.

VC appoints members of school onto joint JOOTRH/MU ethics committee.

The Vice Chancellor has apointed four members of Maseno Unversity staff establishment into the joint research and ethics committee. Three being from the schoolof medicine and one from the humanities. Under article 6.4 of the memorandum of understanding between the two institutions, various activities are conducted on a joint basis including the membership or the ERC.

Appointed were Prof. Stephen Ogendo - clinical sciences. Prof. Erik Nyambedha - sociel sciences, Dr. Mary Onyango - clinical pharmacology and Dr. Lilian Ogonda - biomedical sciences.

The main mandate ofthe team is to facilitate and review researach proposals submitted to the ERC.

swearing in session 2

Swearing in the the new doctors by the MPDB.

Pioneer class of medical students completes last examination of their programme

After just over six years at Maseno University the pioneer class of medical students finally sat their final examination.
This has been a long journy for them, starting in January 2012. From the initial 58 students, 47 now complete the programme. Their final examination session was a clinical examination in general surgery and held on 29th March 2018.
On May 7th, 2018, the class took the Hippocratic Oath administered by the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board. This oath will be the guiding principle for all thier activities as doctors.
The School feels they are well prepared for the demands the medical profession will put on then, and we are fully behind them as they go out to meet the challenges of the world.
They are scheduled to formally graduate in December 2018.

ihris meeting