Maseno University

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Maseno University Researchers and the team from Kenya Educational Network (KENET)

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Meeting between Maseno University researchers and the team from Kenya Educational Network (KENET) on 8th October, 2018 in the University

The Deputy Vice Chancellor Partnership, Research and Innovation, Prof Joseph Chacha welcomed the KENET team of five to the university.

KENET executive director, Prof Meoli Kashorda noted that Maseno University is a KENET hub for Western Kenya, previously in Siriba and now in Kisumu Campus (Varsity Plaza) and Maseno do hold equipment worth about 400,000 US dollars in trust for the members. 

Therefore KENET thought it was better for the University to understand their research infrastructure needs. In addition to providing basic high-speed Internet as a facilitator for research, KENET aims at exposing researchers to advanced KENET research services through such Forums. The Forums assessed their needs and exposed researchers to KENET research infrastructures that aid in improving research productivity, visibility and benchmarking.

During the Forum, the status of research and higher education Institutions was unveiled, and in the two specific Institutions, as well the ‘Top 10’ researchers in the Institution. It was discussed that Kenya’s research productivity was 15, 065 in 2012-2017, with medicine being the leading discipline in Kenya based on publication counts. 

Prof Meoli stated that there was need for collaborative efforts to promote research and publication.

KENET Executive Director, Prof Meoli Kashorda making a presentation during the Maseno Researchers Forum.

Top 10 Authors at Maseno University 2013-2017