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Department holds Basic Surgical Skills workshop

On Saturday the 3rd November, 2018, the department of Surgery and Anaesthesiology held a basic surgical skills workshop. The target group of students for this workshop were its final year medical students.
Currently this activity is still an extra-curricular activity and the objective of this workshop was to introduce students to;
Correct handling and use of surgical instruments.
How to tie a variety of reliable knots, i.e. surgical reef knots.
Suture skin and bowel effectively and demonstrate safe fine tissue handling utilising small bowel models for basic anastomoses technique.
Introduction to surgical check list
Students were taken through various skills using video and practical demonstration. Thereafter followed the opportunity to practice the various skills using tissue specimens.
The function was officially opened by the dean of the school, Prof. W. Odero. Prof Odero welcomed the mounting of the event in the school and encouraged the students to take full advantage of the training.
Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital provided the venue for the event. Other well-wishers supporting the event included;
Kisumu Specialist Hospital.
St. Jairo Hospital.
The department would also like to thank surgeons and medical officers from Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital who offered to assist as facilitators in the training session.
Photograph shows Prof. odero delivery his opening address.

Department of Surgery launches Master of Medicine in General Surgery Programme

The department of surgery and anaesthesiology has enrolled its first batch of students into its newly launched Master of Medicine in General Surgery programme.
The programme, a five-year programme, is a residency programme and will be based at Siriba campus for the first year. Thereafter students will move to the JOOTRH for their clinically based rotations.
Our first students are Drs. Emmanuel Ogundo and Patrick Njoga.
We wish them well in their studies.

Dr. Opondo returns from Summer Camp

Dr. Immaculate Opondo recently returned from the United States where she attended summer institute in clinical dental research methods. The camp is designed to offer training in research methods to dentists and other oral health professionals who may not have been adequately exposed during clinical training.
Courses included biostatistics, clinical epidemiology, personal computing applications (Redcap, SPSS and R), behaviour and measurement in dental research, grantsmanship, fundamentals of observational studies and clinical trials, case studies in data analysis, as well as an elective in molecular biology and oral health applications.
Additionally, she attended a symposium in global oral health at the University of Washington campus. The symposium was titled “Interprofessional Health Care: Adding Oral Health to Interdisciplinary Global Health Projects Worldwide,” It highlighted fundamental gaps in knowledge and understanding of multifactorial factors related to oral health; limited research in implementation and integration sciences of oral health and lack of priorities developed with the active participation of the communities in need.
She also attended four classes in HIV training course.
The benefits accrued from this programme include Improved skills in research methods, biostatistics and data analysis, opportunities for future training, Future opportunities for collaborations in research, opportunities for mentrship anf future research in paediatric dentistry

immaculate in usa

Dr. Opondo, left, row two with other attendees


National Ethics and Research Committees meet

Between the 13th and 14th August HATUA Kenya convened a meeting bringing together over 20 ERC’s and other research organisations from all over the country covering both the private and public sector. NACOSTI as the overall regulator of research activities nationally provided the venue for the workshop. Working in conjunction with HATUA project, as co-chair, was STReK Kenya.
The primary aim of the meeting was to provide a networking platform as well as strengthen the operations of the various ERC’s countrywide.
Read more.....

African cardiology looses a great champion

With regret the department learns of the passing away of Prof. Bongani Mayosi of the University of Cape Town, South Africa on 27th July 2018.
Prof Mayosi was the dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences and remowned for his research activity amongst other achievements.
The department of Surgery and Anaesthesiology will remember him for always extending a hand and involving his African colleagues, including departmental members, in collabrative research efforts as well as the numerous conferences he organised and invited us to.
He led many multinational research studies including the first large-scale, multinational study of rheumatic heart disease in the world (first phase) of which Kenya took part.
The department will miss him and his great mentorship skills.

See clip on TB study

bongani mayosi

Professor Bongani Mayosi.

Photo courtesy of University of Cape Town

kcs officials

Dr. Gitura, right, with new team of Society officials.

The Kenya Cardiac Society, between July 25th and 28th, 2018, held its Annual Scientific Conference and AGM at the Pride Inn Hotel, Mombasa.
The Society is the umbrella organisation that brings together all cardiac health workers in the country. This years conference theme was "early detection, early intervention - raising awareness".
New officials were elected during the meeting and Dr. Gitura was re-elected to the chairmanship.
The meeting was well attended with most past chairmen in attendance.

Dr. Bitta attends Regional Training.

Between the 9th and 11th July 2018, Dr. Caesar Bitta of the Department of Surgery and Anaesthesiology, attended the 2018 East Africa Regional Training, EART, held in Entebbe, Uganda.
The event was hosted by Mission:Restore and CoRSU Hospital, in partnership with Smile Train and the College of Surgeons of East Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA). Mission: Restore is a global health non-profit that aims to increase surgical capacity in developing countries, concentrating inthe area of plastic and reconstructive surgery.
Through lectures, panel discussions, and hands on workshops, participants learned techniques, shared common challenges and discussed opportunities to improve reconstructive surgical care within their communities.
Attendees to the EART, 2018 received training in reconstructive surgical topics on cleft care, burn and wound management, as well as perioperative care and team management. The event also offered networking opportunities that will connect surgeons from throughout the region.

bitta uganda 2

Chairman accompanies dean on courtesy call.

On the 3rd of July, 2018, Prof. Ogendo, Chairman, Department of Surgery and Anaestehsiology, accompanied the dean during a courtesy call on th Governer of Vihiga County.
The aim of the meeting was to strengthen collaboration between Maseno University and the County.
Read more ....

Dr. Emmaculate Opondo takes study leave

Dr. Opondo, dental surgeon, has taken two moths study leas to the United States. She has enrolled into the 2018 Summer Institute in Clinical Dental Research Methods Seminar. This seminar takes place at the University of Washington, School of Dentistry.
The seminar is scheduled between the dates of June 25th to August 3rd, 2018 and is a residential training.
The target group for the seminar are dental school faculty and other oral health professionals from all over the world interested in clinical research in dentistry.
This seminar is the 27th seminar of this series.
Areas to be covere d in the course include,

  1. Fundementals of observational studies nad clinical trials.
  2. Seminar and grantmanship.
  3. Biostatistics
  4. Behaviour and measurment in dental health.
  5. Clinical epideniology and study design in dentistry.
  6. Computing applications and data analysis.
  7. Molecular biology and oral health applications (elective).
  8. Craniofacial research seminar (elective)

The training that she will receive will be an added advantage to research activitiess within the department.

dr. opondo

dvc asabestsurgery

Prize giving for pioneer medical students

On Friday the 18th May 2018 the School of Medicine, Maseno University held a prize giving day for the outgoing pioneer class. This pioneer class joined the University In January 2011. The aim was to honouring the best students in the class over the years and also to congratulate them in their sucess. In addition the University encouraged and motivated them as the enter the medical profession. The transition in their lives will no doubt be a big impact on them

Prizes were awarded in various catagories, including the best 10 students overall in the class, as well as the top students per individual doscipline. The final prize was awarded for the overall best performance in the calss during the final examinations. This prize went to Mercy Chemutai.

In attendace were the Vice Chancello, Prof, Julius Nyabundi, who was represented by the DVC ASA, Prof Geoffrey Netedo. Also in attendaced were Prof. Wilson Odero, Dean, School of Medicne, Dr. J. Omoto, Associate Dean, and Prof. James Jowi. Prof jowi was the main event organiser. Others in attendance were departmental and unit heads amongst other various faculty members and well wishers.

Sponsers of the event were Sun Pharmaceuticals. The school acknowledges their contribution and is grateful looking forward to continued collaboration with them.

In the respective photographs, top, DVC ASA (near side), Dean, School of Medcine (middle) and Prof. James Jowi, head of the Departmen of Internal Medicine.
On the bottom is the best student in surgery, Charles Chege being presented with his prize by the DVC ASA.

Senate approval of Master of Medicine in General Surgery Programme

At the 76th regular senate meeting of maseno University held on 27th September 2018, it was resolve to adopt the proposed curriculum for the master of medicine in general surgery.
This now means the departmetn with approvals from MPDB and CUE is free in admit studetns intothe programme
The programme is a five year residency programme and the final output is a graduate capableof handling general surgical cases of a wide scope.

Pioneer MB, ChB class writes last examination

On the 29th March 2018, the pioneer medical students of the school of medicine, Maseno University, completed their last examination session with us and of their programme. This was their clinical OSCE examinations in general surgery.
This has been a long journey, starting with this class joining us in 2012 as the only medical students in the region. They have taken the university of a journey that we are proud of.
We are grateful to all stakeholders that have assited us in making all this possible.
That examination brought to an end thier period within the medical school as students and they will now commence their formal medical careers in various stations within the republic.
The school is confident the will do well and hope that the majority will later on persue postgraduate training in various areas.
In the photograph is a group of the students with department of surgery and anaesthesiology faculty. Also in the photograph is their external examiner, Prof K. Tenge from Moi University.
The department wishes them well.

pioneer class

Post graduate programme in General Surgery gets Senate approval

At the 76th regular Senate meeting of Maseno University held on 27th September 2018, it was resolve to adopt the proposed curriculum for the Master of Medicine in General Surgery.
This now means the departmetn with approvals from MPDB and CUE is free in admit studetns intothe programme
The programme is a five year residency programme and the final output is a graduate capableof handling general surgical cases of a wide scope.

The department looks forward to offering other postgraduate programmes in Orthopaedics and Traumatology as well as Anaesthesia and Critical Care in the near future. We are curently consulting with stackholers on hese proposed programmes


Prof. Hassan Saidi

It is with regret that the departmetn informs the University of Maseno community of the death of Prof. Hassan Saidi. Unitll his death he was a surgeon and a prominent academic who rose rapidly up the ranks to position of professor and one time past chairman of the Departmetn of Human Anatomy, University of Nairobi.
Prof Said was also heavily involved in surgical education and has mentored many students both into the anatomy and surgical professions.

He published many papers a lot of which he mentored students in writting with him.
His abscence willl be felt by all.

paas handover

Prof. Ogendo takes over as Pan African Association of Surgeons (PAAS), President

During the Pan Africa Association of Surgeons Annual General Meeting held in Port Elizabeth, South Africa on August 6th 2017, Prof. Ogendo was insalled as the president of the regional Association of surgeons.
This meeting, PAAS, took place in conjunction with the Association of Surgeons of South Africa, (ASS), and Association of gasroenterologists of South Africa (AGSA), meeting in South Africa.
Prof ogendo takes over from Prof. Herve Anagte of Cote d'Ivoire and his tenure of presidency shall be for two years.
The two main aims of PAAS are to address/identify the surgical problems in Africa and to co-ordinate regional surgical training and research.

Prof. Ogendo (centre), with outgoing president, Prof Herve Angate (right), from Cote d’lvoire and the current president of the Wesat African College of Surgeons, Prof. Yawe.

Prof. Mbithi, third from right, preparing to cut the birthday cake

prof. mbithi 2

Medical school of university of Nairobi celebrates 50 years.

The School of Medicine, University of Nairobi officially celebrated its 50th anniversary on Friday 28th July 2017 within the medical school campus.
The school officially opened its doors on 3rd July 1976, admitting its first cohort of 26 medical students. They then proceeded to graduate as the country’s first locally trained medical graduates in 1972.
Since establishment the school has “given birth” to the pharmacy, dental and nursing schools, itself becoming a college in the eprocess.
Since inception the College has trained over 7,000 personel, doctors (6173), nurses (780) and other graduates. Many of the medical staff employed at Maseno University are alimniof this medical school.
The celebrations were attended by prominent alumni of the medical school and included, amongst others, Professors P. Mbithi; current Vice Chancellor, Kihumbi Thairu, former dean of the School, Miriam Were, a prominent academic today.
The department of surgery and anaesthesiology congratulates them on this occasion.

victor m. njoma

Dr. Njom. Opthalmology.

New Staff Members in recruited into department.

The Departmetn of Surgery and Anesthesiology would like to take this opportunity ito introduce two new mwmbers of staff.
The two, who assumed duties early July 2017 are;
Dr. Neville Okwiri, who takes over the teaching of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT), surgery. Read more about Dr. Okwiri....
Dr. Victo M. Njoma, who takes over the teaching of ophthalmology. Read more about Dr. Njoma....
The two new mwmbwers will boost the establishment and greatly enhace not only the teaching of undergraduate but also future postgraduate programmes of the department.

nevil okwiri

Dr. Nevile Okwiri. ENT

clock donation to hhhs

Prof. Ogendo and BOM donating clocks to HHHS Principal

Community Service Activity.

The chairman of the Department of Surgery and Anaesthesiology, with other members of the school Board of Management Team, of Hospital Hill High School, Nairobi recently donated clocks to the school.
The donation was made on request of the students who asked for clocks to be availed in all classrooms to assist them in their time management.
The board, in response, donated thirteen clocks.

kcs 2017

Post conference group photograph

Kenya Cardiac society holds annual meeting

Between the June 28th and 30th 2uune 2017 the Kenya Cardiac Society held its annual meeting in Mombasa, Kenya, at the Sarova Whitesands Hotel.
The event was one of the biggest in the Society’s history with a record attendance of local, regional and inernational participants. Also invited were a large contingent of faculty to the conference. Included in the faculty were Dr. Mary Walsh, President of the American College of Cardiology, Dr. Aman Mbakwem, President of the Nigerian Cardiac Society and Prof. Elijah Ogola, Vice President of Pan African Society of Cardiology (PASCAR), eastern chapter
Preconference workshops in ECG and ECHO were held on the first day of the conference followed by the main meeting.
Amongst the list of confernce faulty, Prof Ogendo was invited give a talk on “Dual rheumatic valvular disease replacement, mitral, aortic or both”.

hrh kenya

Dean, School of Medicine, raises a point during discssions with HRH-Kenya representatives.

IntraHealth international - HRH Kenya project visit maseno uiversity medical School.

The School of Medicine recently held a meeting with members from IntRaHealth International-HRH Kenya Project, at the University City Campus medical school boardroom. IntRaHealth International-HRH Kenya Project replaced the former Funzo Kenya Project. Other implementing partners in HRH Kenya include Amref Health Africa and Strathmore Business School.
HRH Kenya is sponsored through USAID and they are currently undertaking a 5 year project, 2016 to 2021, that formed the basis of their visit to the institution. The project’s mandate is in three key areas mainly directed at ultimately increasing the health workforce in Kenya, namely;
1.Affordable loans through HELB, called the Afya Elimu Fund Loans (EFL)
2.Support in pre-service training through faculty development, curricula reviews/development and improvement of the learning environment.
3.Institutionalisation of in-service training
HRH Kenya will work with Maseno University, more specifically on item number 2, the support in pre-service training. This decision followed Maseno University being identified as the leading training institution in the Lake Basin cluster.
Some of the more specific areas HRH-Kenya and Maseno will focus on are;
•Faculty training to make them effective trainers in HIV, family planning and MNCH
•Facilitate eLearning within the medical school
•Facilitated development of more external teaching sites for practicum usage for Maseno University Students.
•Support curriculum review for the various courses within the health sciences ensuring they are in line with accreditation requirements and changing trends posed from new and emerging chalenges.
The meeting, in addition completed a focused Group discussion for the baseline assessment to establish starting point for the collaboration as well as determine areas of intervention and synergies. In addition to the School of Medicine, (incorporating the future school of nursing as well), in attendance were representatives of the School of Public Health and Community Development and the eCampus.
The HRH Kenya team was led by Peter Milo, Team leader/Health workforce training and Dr Anastasia Kimeu-Technical Manager pre-service and faculty development.
The Maseno medical team was led by Prof. W. Odero, Dean of the Medical School. In attendance, amongst others Prof. S. Ogendo of Surgery and Dr. J. Omoto the associate dean.

Read more on HRH-Kenya

20170606 104645

Strategic Planning Team Meets

The strategic planning team for Maseno University recently returned from a three day retreat. The retreat, at the masai Mara, was for the purpose of developing the next University strategic plan 2017 to 2022.

The team met after having received input from various stakeholders within the University. These included students, deans and the central management. Thereafer, for three days, the team developed the document.

The team was led by Prof. Prof. Ogendo of the Department of Surgery and Anaesthesiology.


Safer Anesthesia from Education (SAFE), course takes place n Kampla, Uganda

The Safer Anaesthesia for Education, (SAFE) Obstetrics Anaesthesia course was conducted in Moshi, Tanzania from 8th to 12th May 2017. It included a 1-day ToT course where 16 trainers were trained and subsequently 44 anaesthesia providers from across Tanzania were trained over the next 3 days. Having a 1-day Lifebox pulse oximetry workshop concluded the training when free pulse oximeters were given to the trainees.
This Course aimed to provide anaesthesia providers with knowledge and skills to contribute to the reduction of maternal and neonatal mortality in Tanzania. Dr Mpoki Ulusubisya, the Permanent Secretary in the ministry of Health, United republic of Tanzania, officially opened the Training at the Lutheran Uhuru Hotel in Moshi. The Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) and the Society of Anaesthesiologists of Tanzania (SATA) hosted it with support from the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA), the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI) and the Lifebox Foundation.
The training faculty (Facilitators) was drawn from Zambia, Uganda, UK and Kenya.

Dr. S. Okelo from the department attended and is seen in the photograph, front row, extreme left.

dr opondo during apls workshopDr. Opondo during workshop

Faculty member from surgery completes paediatric life support provider training

Dr. I. Opondo recently completed the European Paediatric Advanced Life Support (EPALS) Provider Course. Making her now a certified paediatric life support provider.

The course was run as a three day hands on workshop held at the Karen Hospital, Nairobi, from 10th to 12th April 2017. The main objective, was impacting paediatric emergency knowledge, skills and attitudes to health workers.

Specific objectives included; equiing participants with knowledge and skills in: Paediatric basic life support, paediatric advanced life support, paediatric trauma management and team leadership in clinical emergency care in a variety of clinical incidences

Course participants were from various hospitals in the country.

The department congratulates her on this acchievement

sas meeting

Presntation of awards at SAS meeting

Sudan Association of Surgeons meeting takes place in Khartoum.

The Sudan Association of Surgeons (SAS), held it 42nd International Conference between the 27th and 29th April, 2017 at the Coral hotel in Khartoum, Sudan.
The conference theme was "Towards high quality surgical services in Sudan"
This conference was attended by many participants both local and international. International participants were from many countries including Japan, United Kingdom, Saui Arabia, South Africa, Egypt and Kenya to name but a few.
The presentations made were stimulatng and covered topics relevant to surgical care the developing as well as the developed world.
Prof. Ogendo attended at the invitation of SAS and gave a talk on surgical trainin in the region.


Medical student making presentation to SSK meeting

Surgical Society of Kenya Annual meeting held in Kisumu.

Between the 5th and 7th April 2017, the Surgical Society of Kenya held its 17th Annual Scientific Conference at the Acacia Premier Hotel in the City of Kisumu.
The theme of the conference bringing together surgeons from all over the country was "Ethics in Surgical Practice"
Paperes presented were varied. Two final year students of Maseno University made presentations at the conference. Pamela Adhiambo gave a oral presentation on "wound dressing techniques and cost incured by patients at Migori Country Referal Hospital", while J. Lando made a poster presentation on "Assessment of patient satisfaction levels in a County Referal hospital, a case of Busia County Referal Hospital". The departmetn congratualtes them on thier efforts in making presentations at this conference.
Faculty attending the conference included Drs. C. Bitta and P. Marwa and Prof. S. Ogendo.
New office bearers for the society were elected and Dr. Nthumba was elected as the next Society President for a tenure of two years.

Curriculum Development workshop in Arusha.

Prof. Ogendo recently attended a curriculum development workshop held in Arusha, Tanzania.
The workshop brought together many surgeons from the region with the aim of strengthening curriculum development skills.


Wechampions sessionin progress at the Mathematics computor laboratory, Maseno

Web champions training begins.

In an effort to impove Maseno University web presence, the IT department recently embarked on a web champions training excerise.
Departments nominated their respective champions and the first training was held on 15th March 2017. The training commenced with an introduction on the website layout and how this will affect out website development.
The trainig so far has been taken positively by the particiants.
Fiurther meetings were scheduled to take place weekly thereafter.

Visit to JOOTRH by Prof. Peter Wee

Left to right: Dr. Koyo, Dr. M Owiti, Prof. Ogendo,
Prof Wee and Dr. Ganda
alt Prof. Peter Weefrom Holland and a friend of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital (JOOTRH), recently visited the institution. On his visit he was accompanied by a member of the hospital management board, Dr. Bonface Ganda
The purpose of the visit was to look into possible ways of improving the collaboration between him and JOOTRH on the side of renal services. During a tour of the hospital he visited the renal unit to inspect equipment he had previously assisted in procuring and also staff he had assisted in training.

The possibility of further training and equipment replacement for the hospital was discussed and it is hoped this will materialise.
Dr. Ganda agreed to further follow up the issue and also see that renal fistula sets are provided in theatres.

At the hospital he was received by Dr. Koyo the acting CEO, Dr. M. Owiti, renal physician and chairman, Department of Medical Physiology and Prof Ogendo, chairman Department of Surgery and Anaesthesiology.


Dr. Henry Nyawanda

Departure of Dr. Henry Nyawanda

Department regrets to announce the departure of Dr. Henry Nyawanda who left at the end of 2016.
Dr. Nyawanda was one of the founder members of the department and has taught ENT for the last three years. He will be missed by the department and we wish him well in his future endeavours.

Writting of post graduate curriculum completed.

The department is pleased to announce the completion of a proposed postgraduate programme for general surgery. This document followed a needs assessment review and the chairman wishes to thank all members of the department who contributed to the completion of this document.

The document has since been submitted to the School of Graduate studies for onward transmission to senate
It is hope by the 2017/2018 academic year we should be in a position to admit our first graduates. We hope this will be an incentive for our graduates to come back to their mother university for postgraduate training.

The focus of the programme is to train competent surgeons capable of working in the Kenyan environment and beyond.
The department will in the intermediate future consider developing orthopaedic and anaesthetic programmes.

Joint Surgical Society of Kenya, COSECSA Conference

From December 7th to 9th 2016 the Surgical Society of Kenya in conjunction with the College of surgeons of East Central and Southern Africa, COSECSA,held a joint annual meeting at PrideInn, Mombasa. The meeting was attended by very many international surgeons and was a rich forum for academic exchange.

COSECSA council


Prof. D. Magee receiving honorary degree from COSECSA President, Prof M. Dibrew

Honorary degrees were awarded to fellows who have made significant contributions to surgery within the region. In this regard special mention is made of Prof. Declan McGee. Former president of theRoyal College of Surgeons in Ireland, who through his College has played an important role in advancing surgery in the COMESA region.

From the department of surgery Prof Ogendo and Dr. Bitta attended the conference.During the same meeting, Sudan was formally accepted into the College as its most recent member. This bringings the membership of COSECSA to eleven counters.


Dear all,

Please find attached a final SP document, I hope.

If you see any gross error that needs to be corrected by Monday please do not hesitate to get in touch.However be advised connectivity is an issue so if you don’t get through try sending an SMS.

Please note the following comments;

  1. I doubled the allocation to the row for “continuously develop new technological based methods of teaching” from year two on.It now reads; 2,000, 5,000, 5,000, 5,000, 5,000, 24,000.As a single licence, for marking scripts, costs 70,000 and we will need at least each school eventually to purchase.The scanner will not be much of an addition and the current bulk scanners/photocopiers in schools are adequate and the computers to install software are available in schools.

  2. In infrastructure I have used an industry standard of 50,000 per square metre to estimate construction costs.Also I have added a new row entitled” Other infrastructure developments”.This now takes account of the new proposals for infrastructure developments proposed from the various schools up to our last meeting a few days ago, appendix 6

  3. In the matrix on page 38 and subsequently in other linked areas, under “Have Health Services NHIF accredited”, I have expanded the indicators needed to upgrade from a health centre to a level three hospital. This makes it easier to estimate budget requirements.Budget comes to 400,000,000, probably an underestimate.

  4. The green areas in the budget represent new additions that have been made since last meeting. I still await the Dean of Arts to confirm the accuracy of some figures there.

Happy reading and see you Monday.