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DVC Administration, Finance & Development

The major paradigm shift undertaken by the University in the last couple of years cannot be implemented without concerted support of the Administration and Finance and the Planning, Research and Extension Services divisions.

During the period of restructuring, the administration organized a check-off and time-off arrangement for all Maseno staff to become computer literate at a nominal fee. At the same time, the implementation of LAN and WAN was enhanced, and is right now complete and operational. Thus over and above the expected provision of services relating to personnel, registry, telephone, security, legal, health, pension, transport and maintenance matters, Administration and Finance 'underwrites' the review of academic programmes and the recruitment of requisite staff.

The attraction and retention of staff cannot be fully realized without an efficient Administration and Finance Division. Indeed the operational review and promotion of staff criteria and the pension scheme is a showcase towards this goal.  The Administration and Finance Division is plays the role of linking Academic Affairs and Planning, Research and Extension Services Division. There is reasonable pool of trained staff within the Administration who undertake activities in finance, personnel and general administration.

Prof. Catherine A. Muhoma
Deputy Vice Chancellor