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Coordinator Dr. Chrispin B. O. Kowenje. The Center for Research on New and Renewable Energies at Maseno University was established by the Maseno University Council in February 2011 with the aim of addressing all matters associated with New and Renewable Energies locally, regionally and internationally, with more emphasis on rural application. The center aims to promote processes in harnessing bio-energy, geothermal, hydro-energy, marine energy, solar energy, and wind energy.

To be a world class research utility on new and renewable energies that impacts positively on humankind and environment.

To harness new and renewable energy related innovations and research work into workable projects for socioeconomic benefits.
General Objective:
To collaboratively promote research, knowledge transfer, development, documentation, and commercialization on new and renewable energy sources.

Specific objectives:
1.    Encourage improvements in the transfer of new and renewable energy technology;
2.    Provide a forum for scientifically-sound information exchange through applied research;  
3.    Seek for better financing of new and renewable energy-related research;
Provide information and consultancy on new and renewable energies to decision makers at local, national, regional and international levels; Launch policy initiatives for the creation of a positive framework for new and renewable energy.

The Center is involved in listed below:

1.    Literature/documentation of known management energy and energy related projects aimed at developing  new or innovative equipment, energy types, training, social structures, infrastructure, operations, possible products-and uses in New and Renewable energy matters and technologies.
2.    Assessment/survey on energy and energy related matters to establish viability, appropriateness, sustainability and applications.
3.    Cost effective assessment of different forms of energies, their benefits/demerits.
4.    Assessment of project viability and sustainability such as Laboratory analysis of energy content in different forms of energies specifically on both indigenous and exotic trees.
5.    Evaluation of social effects-acceptance by communities on use of different types of energy forms.
6.    Modeling of patterns of energy usage in different parts of the country.
7.    Development and establishment of usable solar radiation map for Kenya.
8.    Development and establishment of usable wind map for Kenya.
7.    Developing plan of action for energy usage in Kenya.
8.    Consultancy in energy issues and energy related matters.
9.    Energy and environmental issues.