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Conference Proceedings

2010 “Ethnicity, Culture and Entrepreneurship”, African International Business and Management Conference Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Nairobi, 25th -27th August. E. Thuku* and M. Ogot

 2010 “Gender, Ethnicity and Entrepreneurship”, 15th Annual International Management Conference,  Hotel Africana, Kampala, Uganda,  17th -18th November. E. Thuku* and M. Ogot

2008 “Recycled Tyres as Components of Novel Structures”, 1st National Conference on Science and Technology. Nairobi, Kenya, April. J. Neal* and M. Ogot

 2007 The Needs-Problem Matrix: Providing Some Order to the Chaotic Ideation Fuzzy Front End”, ASEE Conference and Exposition. Honolulu, Hawaii,  24th-27th June. M. Ogot and G. Okudan
 2007  Online Environment for Providing Business Basics Training to Youth and Womens’ Groups”, 2nd International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training. Nairobi, Kenya, 28th -30th, May. M. Ogot, “eBasic Biz
 2007  “An Assessment of Fifty Standard Global Optimization Functions” 2nd International Conference on Complementarity, Duality and Global Optimization in Science and Engineering.  Florida, March. Baird, J*. and M. Ogot