Maseno University

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The Programme, which is firmly grounded in business principles, is designed to enable students understand the business world and enhance capacity in informed policy options for effective business management.  In addition, the programme is meant to develop a reputation for imbuing graduates with the confidence, flexibility, intellectual curiosity and resourcefulness.


The objectives of the programme are to:

(a)    provide the students with critical insight into areas of business and management Information Systems

(b)    train professionals in solving complex business problems using  information systems

(c)    build competencies for strong business and management information system practitioners.

First Year -    Semester I
MBA 801:    Management Information Systems                                
MBA 802:    Managerial Economics                                                  
MBA 803:     Financial Accounting                                                   
MBA 804:    Organizational Behaviour                                              
MBA 805:    Quantitative Methods                                                 
MBA 806:    Management Principles and Practice                              

First Year -    Semester   II
MBA 807:    Research Methods                                                     
MBA 808:    Strategic Management                                               
MBA 809:    Marketing Management                                              
MBA 810:    Management Accounting                                           
MBA 811:    Financial Management                                                
MBA 812:    Human Resource Management                                    

Second Year - Semester   I

Operations  Management (Option)
Core  Courses:
MBA 842:    Production and Operations Management                       
MBA 843:    Project Management                                                  
MBA 844:    Operations Research                                                  

Electives:      (Any  ONE)
MBA 816:    Commercial  Law                                                       
MBA 824:    Microenterprise Finance                                             
MBA 840:    Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management         
MBA 845:    Decision Support Systems                                          
MBA 846:    Total Quality Management                                         
MBA 847:    Inventory Management                                             
MBA 848:    Multivariate Methods

Procurement and Supplies Management (Option)
Core Courses
MBA 847:    Inventory Management                                             
MBA 852:      Strategic Supply Chain Management                          
MBA 853:      Risk Management and Supply Chain Vulnerability          

Electives    (Any ONE)
MBA846:    Total Quality Management                                          
MBA 854:      Finance for Purchasers                                            
MBA 855:     Public Sector Stakeholders and Governance                
MBA 856:     Sustainable Procurement                                          

Management Information Systems (MIS)    Option
Core Courses

MBA 801:     Management Information Systems                             
MBA 810:     Information Systems Security and Ethical Issues           
MBA 811:     System Applications

Electives    (Any ONE)
MBA 812:     Databases and Information Management                     
MBA 858:     Small Enterprise Development                                   
MBA 859:     Strategic Small Business Management                         

Second Year -    Semester II
MBA 899:      Project


(a)    The Maseno University regulations shall apply.

(b)    Applicants with any of the following qualifications shall be considered for admission:

(i)    First Class in first degree or Second Class Honours (Upper Division) of Maseno University.

(ii)    Holders of a first degree from an accredited University and recognized by Maseno University Senate as equivalent to a First Class or Upper Second Class

Honours degree  of Maseno Univesity.

(iii)    Holders of Lower Second Class Honours degree of Maseno University or of a recognized University who in addition to the degree, have a post graduate

qualification such as a diploma in a relevant field , or have post graduate Research experience as evidenced by atleast one published paper in a refereed

journal or Technical reports and patent documents, or two years working experience in a relevant field.