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BSc Horticulture with IT

The B.Sc. (Horticulture) with IT degree programme offers courses and guidance to students who undertake to pursue a degree programme in horticulture with information technology. Horticulture is an applied science discipline dealing with the conservation, improvement, production, processing, distribution and utilisation of fruits, vegetables, flowers and other ornamental plants. Information technology is an applied science dealing with the application of computer science in computing, modeling, information gathering and dissemination via internet, inter alia. The two integrated scientific disciplines are designed to prepare a professional horticulturalist with modern computer based information technology.

Year 1 Semester 1

SHC 101  Introduction to Horticultural    Industry in Kenya                   
SHC 102  Agricultural Botany                                                              
SHC 103  Introduction to Soil Science                                             
SHC 106* Physical and Inorganic Chemistry                                      
SMA 106  Mathematics I                                                                      
AEC 101  Introductory Microeconomics                                              
SHC 104  Introduction to Basic Genetics                                                     
SCS 101  Introduction to Computers                                                      

Year 1 Semester 2
SHC 105  Introduction to Statistics                                                        
SHC 107  Soil Physics                                                                          
SHC 108  Introduction to Entomology                                            
SCH 103  Basic Organic Chemistry                                                      
SMA 107  Mathematics II                                                              
AEC 102  Introductory Macroeconomics                                          
SCS 112  Desktop Publishing                                                              
SCS 114  Introduction to Spreadsheets and Databases                           

Year 2 Semester 1
SHC 203* Farm Accounting & Management                                          
SHC 206  Introduction to Microbiology                                                   
SHC 207  Plant Biochemistry                                                               
SHC 209  Soil Biology                                                                        
SHC 212* Principles of Crop Production                                             
SHC 214  Principles of Plant Breeding                                              
SCS 203  Information System Analysis and Design                            
SCS 207  Web Design and Publishing                                              

Year 2 Semester 2
SHC 210  Soil Chemistry                                                                
SHC 211* Rural sociology and Development                                        
SHC 213  Technical Drawing & Survey                                               
SHC 215  Principles of Plant Pathology                                                
SHC 216  Farm Materials & Structures                                               
SHC 208* Plant/Crop Eco-physiology                                                   
SCS 212  Database Systems                                                              
SCS 214  Management Information Systems                                      

Year  3 Semester 1
SHC 301  Weed Science                                                                    
SHC 305* Plant Propagation and Growth Processes                           
SHC 307  Biometrics                                             
SHC 308  Farm Power & Machinery                                 
SHC 309  Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition                       
SHC 314  Soil and Water Engineering                               
SCS 306  Internet Computing                                       
SCS 310  Multimedia and Graphics                           

Year 3 Semester 2
SHC 310  Olericulture I                                           
SHC 311  Pomology I                                              
SHC 312  Floriculture I                                               
SHC 316  Soil Survey, Classification & Land  Evaluation           
SHC 318* Agricultural Marketing                                   
SHC 320* Ornamental Horticulture I                            
SCS 322  Electronic Commerce                                
SCS 324  Statistical Analysis with SPSS                           

Third Session (End of Year 3)
SHC 319  Industrial Attachment (10 weeks)                       

Year 4 Semester 1
SHC 401* Olericulture II                                      
SHC 402  Floriculture II                                      
SHC 403* Pomology II                                         
SHC 404  Economic Entomology                                 
SHC 406  Mushroom Production                                 
SHC 407* Communication skills & Agricultural Extension           
SCS 402  Software Engineering                                  
SCS 409  IT and Society                                       

SHC 408A Research Project I: Project Proposal                 

Year 4 Semester 2
SHC 410  Plant Disease Control                                 
SHC 411  Seed Science & Technology                             
SHC 412* Ornamental Horticulture II                                
SHC 413  Agricultural Policy & Law                            
SHC 414* Post Harvest Physiology and Technology                 
SHC 415  Biotechnology in Horticulture                       
SCS 416  Human Computer Interactions                           
SCS 437  Information Systems Application                     

SHC 408B Research Project II: Project Implementation and Seminar                   



  • Applicants must satisfy the minimum entry requirements for admission to the university.
  • Applicants must satisfy the entry requirements for admission to the Faculty of Science

The department offers course within the degree structure as spelt out by the faculty.


  • The Department offers courses in terms of units as defined by the Faculty; a unit is defined as one hour lecture per week per semester, or two hours of tutorial per week per semester, or three  hours of practical work per week per semester.
  • There are CORE, ELECTIVE and REQUIRED courses.  CORE courses are mandatory, while ELECTIVE courses may be chosen by students from an approved list of courses in fulfilling the full-time load requirement.
  • The normal fulltime load for one academic year shall be at least 40 units but not more than 48 units.

Course units from the department shall be distributed as follows:

  • A minimum of 12 units in each of the first two years and a minimum of 21 units in each of the subsequent two years for the degree pattern; and
  • A minimum of 12 units in each of the first two years and a minimum of 42 units in each of the subsequent two years for the degree pattern.


  • The general University examination regulations shall apply.
  • A written research project shall be marked out of 100% marks.
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