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Being a determinant of values and the authoritative allocation of resources in an enduring system, politics plays a fundamental role in the development of any society. Political science, as the study of politics, is therefore significant to the understanding of the dynamics of the development process. In this regard, the programme offers courses which together with other approved courses lead to the award of Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with Information Technology (IT).

The objectives are to:-

equip students with knowledge and skills in political science;
enable students acquire capabilities to carry out research;
impart skills that can enable graduates to effectively participate in socio-economic and political development.

Applicants to be admitted into the degree programme must satisfy the minimum entry requirements for admission to the University and the School.

The duration of the programme shall normally be four academic years.

The programme offers courses within the degree structure spelt out by the University and the School of Development and Strategic Studies. Consequently in the first two years students shall be required to take courses from this programme and any other two programmes within the School as directed from year to year. In the last two years students shall take courses from Political Science programme only.

The programme offers courses in terms of units as defined by the University.
There are CORE, ELECTIVE and REQUIRED courses. Core courses are mandatory, while elective courses may be chosen by students from an approved list of courses in fulfilling the full-time load requirement. Required courses are provided by the other departments within and outside the School.
The normal full-time load for one academic year shall be at least 42 units but not more than 48 units.
The programme shall be of the pattern of which the student shall be required to register in the School’s three programmes in the first two years, and in one programme (Political Science) in the last two years. In each of the first two years, a student shall take 12 units from this programme in addition to the indicated Information Technology courses. In each of the last two years, a student shall take a minimum of 42 units including Information Technology courses.