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The end of the Cold War and the triumph of capitalism have put the world on the same ideological premise in conceptualizing the approaches to development. As states struggle to find their footing in the new world order, some are adapting better than others; resulting into different opportunities for improving the living conditions of their citizens. This has seen some poor countries rise to the category of developing states, with some developed countries falling back to lower ranks; but Africa has remained largely underdeveloped. The emerging challenge among scholars is to conceptualize and explain the ensuing flux in development practice and discourse. This programme is designed to facilitate research in development theory and practice to enhance a holistic understanding of the emerging concepts, theories and practices in the study of development.

The Doctor of Philosophy programme in Development Studies is intended to enable the student:

Acquire and generate in-depth critical knowledge in Development Studies.
Employ intra- and inter-disciplinary approaches in the analysis of development issues.
Undertake research and teaching at university and other institutions of higher learning.
Effectively participate in national and international development.

To qualify for admission into the programme a candidate shall be holder of:

A Masters degree in Development Studies from Maseno University or any other recognized university.
2. Other qualifications considered relevant to the programme by Senate.

Applicants must submit, along with their applications, a concept paper of the intended research, not exceeding 500 words.

A full-time student for the Ph.D. degree shall normally be registered for a minimum of three years and a maximum of five years. A part-time student shall be registered for a minimum of four years and a maximum of seven years. Continuance of registration will depend on evidence of satisfactory progress.

The programme shall normally be offered by research and thesis.
The programme shall normally consist of 19 units of research and thesis writing.
A candidate for the Ph.D. programme who is deficient in areas necessary for thesis research work as determined by the department shall register for relevant courses from Masters/Undergraduate programmes, alongside the doctoral programme. Such candidates shall be expected to do coursework and pass examinations in the prescribed courses in accordance with respective University examination rules and regulations.