Maseno University

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Postgraduate Studies


The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) of Maseno University co-ordinates all Postgraduate Programmes in the University and reports on the same to The Maseno University Senate. The Postgraduate Programmes include Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas and higher degrees (Masters/Doctoral).

The School of Graduate Studies is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the Postgraduate Programmes are initiated and maintained, that qualified students are attracted into these programmes, that high level research at the postgraduate and post-doctoral level is maintained, that studies are completed in the stipulated time and that research findings are disseminated to the users so that they are of benefit to Kenya and generally to scholarship. 

The School of Graduate Studies Board shall make recommendations for award of Scholarships and Fellowships. It shall also administer the School of Graduate Studies Research Grant when such awards are available.
Teaching and research shall, however, be carried out in the various Schools. 

Postgraduate Certificate
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Postgraduate Diploma
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Master's Degrees
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Doctoral Degrees
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