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Maseno University Strategic Plan 2017-2022

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Maseno University continues to play key role in the development of human capital to facilitate requirements for implementation of global and national development agenda, for the realisation of Vision 2030 among other strategic milestones. In the last five years (2013-2017), the University has made remarkable progress, and subsequently redefined its focus within its mission and vision to draw its long term development plans. With the global economy increasingly becoming competitively knowledge based, critical considerations for the place of higher education in social, economic and sound political development must constantly be kept in focus. Higher education is today a significant tool for most global and national investments towards realising enhanced productivity, social and economic growth. The University is well positioned to contribute to progressive research and innovation in an effort to achieve knowledge products, represented by research translation to production and development.

Development of this Strategic plan, 2017 – 2022, therefore answers the question of how Maseno University can reposition itself to meet emerging academic and
development challenges in Kenya. This has been done through evaluation of the institutional strengths and environmental opportunities so as to professionally handle
what would otherwise emanate as weakness and threats. In doing this, different stakeholders’ opinions and industry practitioner’s contributions have been infused for
vigilant focus on variety of knowledge and skills demand. I appreciate and acknowledge the contribution of all the Faculties and operating Divisions of the
University in their valuable support to the process and structure of this Strategic Plan. I wish to further acknowledge the strategic Planning Committee for their dedication
and commitment to the successful compilation of the plan; the University Management and Senate for the courage to face the next five years with commitment to achieve
new growth. The University Council as custodians of University policy has also constructively contributed to the Plan during its entire development process, for which
I remain grateful to them.

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