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NACOSTI meeting

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Between the 13th and 14th August HATUA Kenya convened a meeting bringing together over 20 ERC’s and other research organisations from all over the country covering both the private and public sector. NACOSTI as the overall regulator of research activities nationally provided the venue for the workshop. Working in conjunction with HATUA, as co-chair, was STReK Kenya.
The primary aim of the meeting was to provide a networking platform as well as strengthen the operations of the various ERC’s countrywide.
HATUA, project is supported through the European and Developing Countries Trials Partnership, (EDCTP). The primary objective of EDCTP is funding research for prevention and treatment of poverty-related infectious diseases in sub-Saharan Africa.
In achieving this end one of the set objectives is “support establishment and development of robust national medicines regulatory systems and capacities for ethical review of clinical research and use of medicinal products and technologies for use in humans.” It is under this umbrella the meeting was convened.
StreK (Strengthening Research Ethics Review and Oversight, Kenya), project also funded through EDCTP, co-chaired the event in view of the overlapping activities.
Many issues were discussed including regulation of research in Kenya and internationally, use of IT platforms in ERC operations and how HATUA can facilitate ERC’s through training of its members and support of ERC in provision of IT software solutions. Various ERC solutions were demonstrated during the workshop.
At the end of the meeting Maseno University ERC and the joint JOORTH/Maseno University ERC were elected onto committees to facilitate the activities of NACOSTI. The two committees were compliance subcommittee, (of HATUA) and project steering committee (of STReK).
Representing Maseno University at this meeting were Professors E. Nyambedha and S. Ogendo.