Maseno University

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FAQ's In Sugery Department

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  1. What do I need to rotate in surgery?
  2. Patient care is incomplete without a holistic approach. This means that all medical disciplines, and not just surgery, must be pursued by all students.
  3. Will I need vaccination to rotate in surgery?
  4. More than any other discipline surgery required handling of blood and other body fluids.  To be safe all students are required to have vaccination from hepatitis.  This, supplemented with appropriate preventive measures, must be completed before students are allowed into the wards.
  5.  Why do I need to follow a dress code?
  6. For a number of reasons.  You need to gain the respect of your patients, and also you need to protect yourself from exposure to harmful materials.
  7. What is the assessment process in surgery?
  8. In the department you shall receive assessments during and on completion of your rotation.  Each assessment will enable you to gauge your level of understanding of the subject.  Faculty will be available to assist you in making necessary improvements to your learning based on your results.