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Maseno University hosts its inaugural public lecture

Honorary President of Bridging Ages International, Prof. Ebbe Westergren giving a talk during the inaugural public lecture at Kisumu Campus.

Maseno University hosted its inaugural public lecture at the Kisumu campus lecture hall GI, Varsity plaza on 31st August 2015. The topic of the lecture was ‘Use of the past to create the future’.
The first speaker Prof. Ebbe Westergren from Sweden presented on a title “Time Travel” which is a concept that is used to compare different aspects surrounding the generation that lived before us and applying what is beneficial to build the future. The method is used to bring cohesion and togetherness among members of the society.
According to Prof. Ebbe who is the Honorary President of the Bridging Ages International, Time Travel is meant to bring people of diverse origin together. “The primary goal of time travel is to bring people together in the society,” said Prof. Ebbe.
He added that  time travel involves people working together using their hands that enables them to reflect on what happened in the past in a better way. “It’s through understanding the past that you can develop ideas used in the past that can be useful in future”, Prof. Ebbe added.
The project that is in the pilot stage is aimed at solving social-economic challenges facing the people in our society. These issues include war, gender, poverty and lack of resources such as water. The program involves children as young as two years to adults. During time travel the participants applies mathematics to solve issues facing the communities.

The President of Bridging Ages International Annina Ylkoski from Finland suggested that the program can be enrolled as part of the curriculum in all levels of   learning, noting that it creates a unique learning environment that allows people to apply mathematics to solve different problems facing them in the society.
Bridging ages has its wings in about 25 countries across the world. In some countries it is about to be introduced as part of the syllabus in schools and other institutions of learning.
The lecture is part of Prof. Bethwel Ogot lecture series that Maseno University hosts. The talk is given by distinguished or popular historians and others in honour of Prof. Ogot who is a renowned history scholar and Professor Emeritus of Maseno University.

Participants listening to a presentation during the inaugural public lecture at Kisumu Campus.

The Maseno University Public Lecture Series connects the local and regional community with the University, providing access to some of the world's top academics, scholars, public figures, artists and theorists. The series is a powerful platform for launching new research and innovation into the public arena and encapsulates lectures across campuses. These lectures are meant to give back to the society and are part of the University’s efforts to contribute knowledge, thought-leadership and innovative ideas to the region.
Deputy Vice- Chancellor, Academic and Student Affairs Prof. Mary Kipsat said that it is a government requirement to have public lectures in Universities at least once per academic year.
The lecture was attended by Deans, Heads of Departments, Professors, staff, students and members of the public. It was presided over by the Chairman, Public Lecture Series Committee Prof. Paul Oleche.


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