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Maseno University enters a partnership with Cleveland State University


Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dominic Makawiti meeting delegates from Cleveland University and Maseno University in the Vice-Chancellor’s office.

Maseno University has entered into a partnership with the Cleveland State University’s History Department in a project known as Curatescape which is a framework for publishing place-based interpretive stories that employ text, images and sometimes audio and video clips running simultaneously from a single content management system (CMS).

The programme basically involves collection and preservation of material from heritage, economic and historical sites among others, digitally without going to the field. Simply put, a digital museum.

Maseno University’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dominic Makawiti welcomed the partnership saying that this was an opportunity of a lifetime and a dream come true for the institution, East Africa and beyond once it gets into progress.
“We have been looking forward to such an opportunity because it will enable us to market not only Kisumu as a tourist attraction but also put Kenya and East Africa on the world map,” he explained.
Curatescape is useful for academic scholarship and teaching, museum or public historical outreach, historic outreach, historic preservation advocacy, heritage tourism promotion, and cultural resource inventories.
According to Mr. Obote Magaga, Chairman, History and Archaeology Department at Maseno University, the project is aimed at building and documenting public history electronically. This is the first project of its kind in Kenya.

Chairman, History and Archaeology Department, Mr. Magaga Obote, Dr. Mark Souther of Cleveland State University, Dr. Meshack Owino of Cleveland State University, Mr. Benard Busaka, lecturer History and Archaeology Department and Dean School of Arts and Social Sciences, Dr. Felix Kioli.
The programme will also involve students and faculty exchange between the two institutions. “Lecturers from both institutions will co-teach a course this semester,” notes Dr. Meshack Owino, Associate Professor in the History Department at the Cleveland State University.

The project began in 2008 and reaches 60,000-70,000 people a day and curated part of Cleveland working with the Tradeset Authority together with a design firm for mobile applications.
Dr. Mark Souther, Associate Professor of History says that this is an opportunity for resource mobilization from both the government and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).
“Maseno University is viewed as a Centre of Excellence for this outreach,” Dr. Mark Souther says.
Also present during the event was Director Linkages, Outreach and Consultancies Prof. Barrack Owuor, Dean School of Arts and Social Sciences, Dr. Felix Kioli and Lecturer at the History and Archaelogy Department Mr. Bernand Busaka.