Maseno University

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Maseno University continues to grow as an academic hub of choice to numerous prospective students. With our vision being of being a Center of Excellence in Teaching, Research and Development, Maseno has successfully integrated Information Technology (IT) into its academic programmes. This is an achievement that gives its students the ability to be able to take over the mantle of developing Kenya into a viable nation upon graduation.

Being an equal opportunity institution aiming at excellence, integrity, transparency and accountability, Maseno University endeavors to provide market driven courses. This explains the restructuring of its courses four years ago. With the increasing demand of such courses and its quest to bring education closer to the people, the institution has continued to expand its capacity through the establishment of the Kisumu Campus (Vasity Plaza) and by the recent upgrading of Bondo Teachers' Training College to Bondo University College, as a constituent College of Maseno University.

Prof. Julius Omondi Nyabundi
Vice Chancellor.
To enhance access to education the University has endeavored to bring education closer to the people. In response to the growing need for tertiary education triggered by the cascading of the Free Primary Education, the University has been supporting the development of Open, Distance and eLearning to enhance access to University. The eLearning programme is being coordinated at the Kisumu City Campus via satellite centers. The University academic staffs have completed their training of course writers by Commonwealth of Learning. Thanks to their consultant, Mrs. Rosario Passo who has ensured that our staffs are fully qualified to meet the needs of many Kenyans who qualify but cannot get admission due to limited space.

The University also is at the fore front in promoting Research and Innovations by creating an enabling environment for carrying out research in the University. At least two research proposals are funded every year.

The School of Medicine has come in handy and augers well for developing relevant programmes and linkages with other research institutions with similar activities. In terms of Partnership and Collaboration, the international partners have gained prominence as partners of the University. This is an avenue that continued to grow through University support to maximize on the advantages of such linkages. To ensure relevance in its all academic programmes, the University established the Quality Assurance Directorate mandated to collaborate with relevant institutions on quality of academic programmes. This has helped in reviewing and restructuring of programs as need arises.

The University has also normalized its academic year which has reduced strain on both staff and students.