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Some of the academic staff deliberating on an emerging research idea

The School of Arts and Social Sciences  is one of the pioneer faculties established at the inception of Maseno University. The faculty has eleven departments offering various programmes in various fields. Our programmes are structured to include coursework, industrial attachment, fieldwork and practical engagements, which expose students to real conditions of life in the professions or fields of their choice. FASS offers a rewarding and thought-provoking educational knowledge with a range of programmes that are meticulous yet innovative- a comprehensive education that challenges the mind. The programmes are developed in line with Kenya Vision 2030 under provision of globally competitive quality education, training and research to enhance development and individual well-being. The programmes are tailored in order to effectively respond to the changing global, regional and local environment.

 These programmes range from certificate to doctorial in various disciplines. As a result, our students are well equipped with knowledge which is basically self-discovery and independent in approach. Consequently, the learners develop a sense of critical thinking, engaging creativity, inquiry and analysis, an array of literacies, evaluation and problem- solving that enables them move on to successful careers in many industries .The faculty’s programmes are tailored to meet the market demands. Hence through our programmes students are able to study within real-world contexts, integrating and applying their learning as this country demands. The faculty has experienced many of their graduates being absorbed immediately after graduation or some before graduation. This is attributed to quality education and training that is offered through the various programmes domiciled in the faculty.

All our undergraduate programmes are offered with Information Technology (IT), and the faculty endevours to ensure that they meet industry demands. Consequently, our graduates are adequately skilled with IT skills that make them independent to be self employed and become job creators. In order to fulfill the demands set by the faculty vision, mission and core values, FASS has transformed its programmes to reflect the needs of Kenya as a nation and to help its graduates come to terms with a fast changing society that makes the graduates multi-skilled and quite marketable. The faculty is committed to offering Art, languages, Humanities and Social Sciences as human expressions are anchored through active involvement in local and global communities addressing real-world challenges across people’s lives. Approximately 200 students graduate in various professions each year at both undergraduate and post-graduate level.

In an effort to explore Arts based programmes at the forefront is Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Technology which is one of the flagships of the faculty; Maseno having been the first University in Kenya to offer the programme at degree level. Currently, the Department has also expanded its horizon and is offering Masters and Doctor of Philosophy programmes at post-graduate level. The flagship radio station, Equator FM, provide an easy opportunity for training  students and is operational on frequency 98.1 with cutting edge programmes run purely by media students.

The Department of Music and Theatre Studies has infused programmes of Music into Drama and Theatre Studies. This has given the Department a unique touch that allows various inputs from outputs in different genre of creative and performing arts.
The Department of Art and Design is giving exceptional programmes in Interior Design and Textiles with Masters in Apparel Design. The Department is geared to provide the necessary educational background and training for those wishing to enter design profession. The varied programmes in Art and Design are designed to develop an atmosphere intended to stimulate creativity and innovation in art and design.

The multiplicity of languages found in the Faculty offers a rich mix for students of Linguistics, Literary Studies, French and other African Languages and Kiswahili and other African Languages.  These include Kiswahili, French, English, Ekegusi, Luo, Luhya and Kalenjin. The inclusion of other languages is an ongoing process. The language departments are dedicated in equipping learners with effective expression, critical, analytical and creative skill so as to develop full potential in order to address social, political, economic and cultural challenges in this era of globalization.

The humanities offered by the Departments of History and Archeology, Religion Theology and Philosophy and Psychology  are dedicated to contribute to  the creation of new knowledge amid technological changes that are taking place in the world today. The knowledge produced is relevant in dealing with social, spiritual, psychological and historical challenges in society today. The humanities are therefore focused on addressing the ever changing crisis of human condition.

As a Social Science, the Department of Sociology and Anthropology offers programmes in Sociology, Anthropology, Criminology and Social Work. The programmes offered in the department prepare students to get engaged in various development sectors of the economy. Moreover, graduates in these varied programmes in the department are well prepared to carry out research and to be consulted on diverse social issues. Based on rigorous displinary training, our postgraduate students engage in meaningful and original research, which often includes extensive fieldwork in western Kenya. The availability of attractive scholarships from the School of Graduate Studies and other external scholarships enables our students to fully concentrate on their studies and to engage in various research activities.

The undertaking of local, regional, and International research and workshop/ Conference attendance has put the faculty on the global map through linkages and collaborations. Through signed Memorandum of Understanding, our staff have been involved in intellectual exchange programmes in regard to teaching, learning, research, production and dissemination of knowledge through conferences/ seminars/workshops and publications. Opportunities to teach, to spend time at other universities and to present and publish their research internationally have prepared them well for professional growth in Kenya and beyond our boundaries. As a task to disseminate knowledge locally and internationally, FASS has organized for conferences/ seminars and workshops in conjunction with other institutions of learning locally and internationally. Through the Department of History and Archeology the faculty organized for an international conference held at Maseno University in conjunction with the University of Louisville [USA]. Notwithstanding, Faculty members have attended various conferences locally, regionally and internationally. The papers presented at various forums are well researched hence conference attendance and presentation of papers at high level academic gatherings has been one way of disseminating knowledge.

To be a focal point for Effective and Efficient Training, Research and dissemination of knowledge.

Striving to inject social, cultural and human development dimensions to the academic life in the University while producing practical-oriented graduates for society’s development through competitive and demand driven programmes.

Research & Publication in the  School of Arts & Social Sciences

The western region where Maseno University is situated provides the faculty a truly rich, fertile and diverse area for research activities. Indeed, geographical positioning in the heart of western region of Kenya has encouraged us to capitalize on the rapidly growing region as our laboratory and inspiration. All departments are involved in ground breaking research complimenting discipline-based research conducted in the various departments. Our research has given focus to the globalised and consistent flows of information, thoughts and practices.

Research Scientists from the school