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The Planning Directorate was created with the mandate of coordinating university corporate and spatial planning, monitoring implementation of planned projects, availing data necessary for decision making purposes and offering technical support especially in regard to corporate  and spatial development projects. Since its inception, the unit has endeavored to achieve the highest level of efficiency in the management of capital developments throughout the University. It has also coordinated the setting of University level performance targets, evaluation of achievements of planned activities and offered insights on opportunities for improvements.   

Functions within the Directorate include
•    Performance Contract
•    Monitoring & Evaluation
•    Spatial Planning
•    Strategic Plan

The mandate of the Directorate of Planning includes:
    Ensuring that the mission and overall mandate of the University is articulated through planning processes
    Coordinate preparation, review, implementation and evaluation of Strategic Plan.
    Planning, preparing, implementation and monitoring of Physical/Spatial development in the University.
    To coordinate the implementation of the University’s performance Contract with GoK
    Establish strategy and mechanism for routine planning, data collection, data use and dissemination internally and externally.
    Implement Quality Management Systems in line with ISO 9001:2008 standards